Bloom is a free UK-wide programme which supports young people’s (14-18 year olds) mental health resilience.

Delivered in schools and colleges over 8 sessions, Bloom equips young people with the tools and knowledge to maintain their mental health through life’s transitions.

Since September 2019 the programme has supported almost 1,200 young people and trained over 100 teachers throughout the UK.

Their Bloom Resource Library, a hub of tools and resources for parents, guardians, and carers – helps you confidently engage in conversations about mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience.


We visited Highams Park School to find out about the variety of challenges young people face today. Preparing young people for transitions such as moving from school to university is a key component of Bloom. Young people must be supported to carry forward their resilience from one transition to another. Find out more:

Posted by Mental Health UK on Friday, 4 October 2019