‘Ready 2 Recruit’ Project

‘Ready 2 Recruit’ Project








We are challenging our club committees to reflect, research, and goal-set!
Our ‘Ready 2 Recruit’ Project will allow club committees, whilst self-isolating and avoiding contact – to :

  • Reflect on previous recruitment of new potential members
  •  Reflect on previous retention of members
  •  Identify opportunities to network to enhance their inclusiveness
  •  Put in place a S.M.A.R.T goal for working together on, in relation to club recruitment
    [Please SEE HERE for the full explanation of a S.M.A.R.T goal]

THIS PROJECT is a good way for clubs to consider what works well for them, what they could progress on – and allows for a fresh and more unique thought process towards their recruitment process. Completing the project challenge will also highlight to SAYFC National Association a better understanding on what clubs are interested in challenging themselves with!


The best club goal submitted within question 16 of THIS FORM will win a £250 deducted from the club’s next membership/affiliation invoice!


Friday 1st May


Anonymous [are experienced in the youth sector and ‘recruitment’]


jenny@sayfc.org if you have any queries