UK Parliament Take To SPUC Oatridge To Launch Their Report ‘The Future of Scottish Agriculture Post Brexit’

The Future of Scottish Agriculture Post Brexit

UK Parliament Take To SPUC Oatridge To Launch Their Report ‘The Future of Scottish Agriculture Post Brexit’


We were represented at the Scottish Affairs Committee’s report launch at SRUC Oatridge. Following months of hearings and evidence from hundreds of experts – the report entitled ‘The future of Scottish Agriculture post-Brexit’ looked at;

  • What the priorities are of any future agricultural support system in Scotland.
    [Do the needs of the Agricultural sector in Scotland differ to the rest of the UK]
  •  What funding will Scotland’s Agricultural sector require post-Brexit.
    [What should future agricultural support in Scotland look like, and what goals should it seek to achieve]
  • How should a future agricultural policy seek to accommodate different sectors of the farming community, especially those in remote and less favoured areas, and crofters.
  • What should be included in common frameworks between the UK and devolved administrations in relation to agriculture.
    [What balance should it strike between having a common UK-wide approach and providing flexibility to Scotland’s needs.
  •  What should be done to meet long-term labour needs in Scotland’s agriculture sector
  •  What role can innovation and technology have in improving productivity in Scottish agriculture.

SAYFC’s staff as well as Agri & Rural Affairs Chairman, Andrew McGregor have cast an eye over the repor after hearing from Pete Wishart MP during the committee’s launch speech.
In comment to the report, he notes:

“SAYFC would have liked to see how the Scottish government are going encourage more young people into the agriculture industry within the Scottish Affairs Committee report. This is an urgent issue and one that has been overlooked, especially with the crucial time ahead.

With our members being omitted from the newly created Agriculture Working Group [Scottish Government] – it’s becoming difficult to notice how the Scottish Government are wholeheartedly planning for the future without incorporating and consulting in the future workforce of the country’s hugely important sector that is Agriculture.”

See the Committee’s findings following months of hearings and evidence below: