Farmer Resource Management

NTSAG (Non-Technical Skills in Agriculture) is a Psychology and Human Factors research group devoted to exploring new and innovative ways to support farmer safety and mental health.

You can access our information leaflets, videos, pocket guide and more for FREE on our site HERE and you can also follow us on twitter HERE to get regular updates on our research and new materials.

As part of the new SAYFC ‘Are Ewe Aware’ webpage we would like to draw the attention of young farmers to the following:

  1. Stress management leaflet (developed in collaboration with Yellow Wellies and a Clinical Psychologist this leaflet outlines the signs of stress and how to manage them)
  2. Fatigue management leaflet (this leaflet describes the key symptoms of fatigue and outlines some management strategies)
  3. Farmer resource management pocket guide (this guide explains the safety critical skills necessary for farming, including how to manage stress and fatigue. Includes practical tips for skill development)
  4. Situation awareness tractor checklist (developed in collaboration with several safety groups, the checklist is designed to enhance safety and situation awareness when operating tractors)