Fun Monday madness for SAYFC as Six classes of stock will be available to view for judging, Monday 15th June – on SAYFC’s Facebook!

All Classes are to be submitted at the one time, via the form [which will become available to all on Monday].

No answer forms will be accepted after Saturday 20th June and the forms should be completed with an individual’s entry answers only!

Categories are: 

  • Under 14
  • YF (Junior and Senior)
  • Open Section (all welcome to take part)

Breeds are:

  1. Suffolk
  2. Border Leicester
  3. Ayrshire
  4. Holstein
  5. Simmental
  6. Shorthorn


Our First two classes are from the Sheep section:
Class 1 – Suffolk Ewe Lambs (Pyeston Suffolks)
Class 2 – Border Leicester Gimmers (Intock Border Leicesters)

Class 4 – Holstein second calvers (Logan Holsteins)

Class 5 – Simmental, Young Bulls – Newbiemains Simmentals

Class 6 – Shorhorn, incalf heifers – Headlind livestock services