Agri & Rural Affairs


The roots of SAYFC are firmly set within the agricultural and rural industry. Although not all of our members are farmers, we respect our heritage and take pride in being the voice for young people who have an interest in agriculture.

The Agri & Rural Committee ensures members have this voice and it is open to any members who would like to join.

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The SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs Committee Aims To:

– Inspire and inform members so they can lead the way in agriculture

– Secure the future of the young Scottish industry

– Accredit members with the recognition they deserve for their role in farming

– Enable members to have a voice

– Put the farming back into Young Farmers

The Committee organises a number of agricultural and rural based competitions such as sheep shearing, stock judging and tractor driving, as well as farm walks, study tours, presentations, training and skill development and more.

SAYFC continuously invests in the development of the services available, creating a platform for dialogue with Young Farmers who want to share their vision for the future of the agricultural and rural industry in Scotland.

By bringing members opinions together on issues such as land tenure, subsidies, environmental protection and food security, the committee aims to arrive at a consensus which they can take forward to the media, stakeholder groups and government so our members interests are better represented in future.

In turn this will empower members to be the future Agri & Rural leaders of Scotland ensuring the Scottish farming Industry is a prosperous, sustainable and profitable sector for all.