Are Ewe Okay



You’re not alone. Lots of organisations are here to help! We understand as an association that it’s unrealistic to assume that our members feel positive about rural life, all of the time.

Young Farmers as a network always strive for their members to feel comfortable in voicing their opinions however when the conversation turns to mental health, it often strikes individuals as being too personal to discuss.

It’s about looking out for each other and being there to listen…  But equally, feeling able to protect our own personal mental well-being;

  •  having the access to services and information
  •  being aware of the continual work within the Agricultural sector and across Scotland.

For more information or to support our mental health initiative, email us or call 0131 3332445

We have collated the latest information and advice about looking after mental health and highlights the factors contributing to rural isolation.

I'm ready and want to gain help
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