Farm Safety Foundation

Supporting the physical & mental well-being of farmers across the UK!

The Farm Safety Foundation@yellowwelliesuk the home of #FarmSafetyWeek & #MindYourHead campaign!


  • Raise awareness of farm safety among young farmers and young people moving in to agriculture (Aged 16-40).
  • Challenge and change attitudes towards risk taking in young farmers.
  • Reduce the number of life changing and life ending injuries among young farmers.


  1. A Guide for Young Farmers – When the colleges made the decision to close, we put together this straightforward guide for the students and young farmers who may be working but not have had the opportunity to undergo our training – either at college or at YFC level. There are clear messages about risk taking and some key reminders about staying safe at this time.
  2. A Guide for Parents – Likewise, there are some older young farmers and also very new entrants who will be spending more time in and around the farms and crofts at this time with their families as childcare is not available and parents may not be able to help. We want to support parents of small children with some easy to follow guidelines so they can keep their children safe at this time and remind them that farms are wonderful places to grow up but they are not playgrounds!
  3. A Guide for Temporary Workers – This is another important area as there is a demand for new seasonal workers and many will not have the opportunity to undertake specific farm safety training. This guide is written for an audience with little or no farming experience and highlights key risks and hazards they may face and offer some support to farm businesses at this time.
  4. A Guide to Coping with the Stress of COVID19. This 32 page guide was released this month and is specifically written to support people living and working at home at this time.