Funding and grant support

Funding for the SAYFC International Programme is available from many different sources which allows you to travel with little cost. If you are selected, you will receive a grant from the International Trust, which was setup to support Young Farmers.

Additionally the following trusts/charities actively encourage members to submit applications as they are keen to support young people who want to enjoy new experiences.

YFA (Young Farmers Ambassadors) – this is a committee made up of past and current young farmers who have already had the opportunity to enjoy travel with SAYFC.

Cameron Travel Trust Scholarship – provides grants for those who wish wishing to broaden their farming experience with a planned overseas trip.

Roy Watherston Memorial Trust The Trust seeks applications from young people under thirty years of age who wish to travel abroad to study aspects of agriculture and rural industry

Ellen Kerr Award (only applicable for West members) – this funding is set up to help those in the west region who want to gain further skills and knowledge which includes travel

Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust (priority awarded to North East of Scotland members) – to support  the advancement of education in the fields of either the practice of agriculture or the science of agriculture in Scotland

North East of Scotland Farm Management (only applicable for members in the North East) – to assist with travel expenses associated with a study tour or exchange visit either in the UK or abroad.

The Gregor Award Trust (only applicable for members in the Aberdeenshire area) – to help Young Farmers develop their experiences through international travel

Working Scholarships – If you are travelling out with the UK to seek employment you can apply to the International Trust for funding. Contact Jenny for an application form

Don’t forget to also ask your own club and district!