Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust

Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust

Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust

The Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust was set up by the late Alexander Williams Allan for “the advancement of education in the fields of either the practice of agriculture or the science of agriculture in Scotland.

They will support training, education, equipment and travel to name just a few areas.

Grants are awarded for applications that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Facilitating the education of school children attending Scottish schools in agricultural practices and farming.
  2. Providing scholarships for students studying agriculture at a Scottish University, Scottish Agricultural College or other further education institution in Scotland.
  3. Providing funding for applied research in an aspect of agriculture whether by a research institute, university or other educational institution in Scotland.

It should be noted that where there are two applications of equal merit, preference will be given to an application which benefits farming in the North East of Scotland.

Application Deadline Dates

15 May

15 November

To Apply

To apply visit their website