Farm Safety

Health & Safety

Now is as important as ever to put Health & Safety at the forefront of any work you are carrying out on farm and in the countryside. The roots of SAYFC are firmly set within the agricultural and rural industry and the safety of everyone working and living within the industry are paramount.

There are various guides and information links listed below that are available to help you carry out your duties as safely as possible. We are working closely with Yellow Wellies and Scottish & Southern Electric (SSE) to make our members aware of the risks and the opportunity to learn about and identify the hazards. If you would like to know more we are now offering Farm Safety Training to our members – see below.

Members Farm Safety Training 

This year we are pleased to offer farm safety training to our clubs and districts. The sessions are 90 minutes in length and are carried out by a team of members who have been trained by Yellow Wellies to work with their fellow members. The sessions will identify risks & dangers and discuss changes that can be put in place for a more serious acknowledgment of Health and Safety in rural businesses to benefit everyone within their families and work groups!

Our trainers are:

    • Bruce Patullo (Forfar)
    • Jordan Barclay (Strathmore)
    • Emma Gray (Peeblesshire)
    • Lucy Orr (West Fife)
    • Zoe Niven (Teviotdale)
    • Zoe Burgoyne (Lower Nithsdale)
    • Ross Campbell (Machars)
    • Morven Nelson (Lower Nithsdale)
    • James Fleming (Avondale)
    • Angus Riddoch (Udny)
    • Jamie Davidson (Udny)
    • John Forbes (Bower)
    • Ryan Luckhurst (Inverross)


By the end of this session members will: 

  • Learn more about the dangers of living and working in farming
  • Understand how important it is to look after both physical and mental wellbeing
  • Understand how important first response and first aid can be when dealing with a farm accident
  • Be able to look at a job you regularly have to do, identifying the risks and dangers involved plus deciding how to make it safe.
  • Give some thought to how a serious farm accident could affect not just individuals but also their family, friends and workmates.
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