Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary Fund

Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary Fund

The Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary Fund, setup to commemorate 75 years of SAYFC, and remember the associations late Vice President Willie Davidson, will support members through the development of their clubs and districts.

Who Can Apply

  • Any club or district affiliated to SAYFC
  • A club in the process of forming
  • An individual SAYFC member who’s application will benefit the wider SAYFC community
  • There is no limit to how many applications a club or district can submit
The Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary Fund

What Can You Apply For?

Applications can be received for material goods through to training and other items to benefit clubs. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis by a panel of past and current SAYFC members representing National Council and all three regions (North, East and West).

Funding will not be awarded for:

  • events that take place before the date of the trustee meeting
  • items that have already been purchased
  • club tops / rugby shirts / hoodies for members
  • international travel – please refer to the International section for support available.

If you are awarded funding it is likely to be a contribution to the cost not the full sum so please consider how you might raise the outstanding balance before submitting an application.

Applications that do not include quotes to support the budgeted costs may be rejected.


Applications should meet one or more of the following objectives:

1. To advance the education and training of young people within the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs in agriculture, country life, home craft, citizenship skills and related subjects;

2. To provide assistance to help promote and develop farm safety initiatives through increased awareness;

3. To provide and promote the provision of facilities and activities for recreation and other leisure time occupations, which will advance their personal development as responsible individuals and active citizens.

4. To provide assistance to prospective new clubs being formed, and the continuous encouragement and development of existing clubs

Next Application Deadline: 
30th April 2021

Applications will be reviewed within six weeks of the deadline date.

More Information

For more information contact the National Office on 0131 333 2445 or email: wd75f@aol.co.uk