ANM Christmas Classic Stock Judging


ANM Christmas Classic Stock Judging

ANM kindly held their Chistmas Classic Stock Judging once again on Tuesday 26th November. 250 competitors took part in Young Farmers and Open sections judging 6 classes of cattle, sheep and Shetland ponies. Along with a guess the weight competition.

The results are as follows:

Senior Team: 

1st: Vale of Alford A – Steven Eddie, Ali Bruce & Jo Bruce                        853 points

2nd: Garioch A – Callum Simpson, Daniel Skinner & James Flett             831 points

3rd: Vale of Alford C – Owen Young, Mark Wattie & Cameron Smith         820 points

Junior Team:

1st: Mid Deeside C – Micheal Middleton, Alan Middleton & Calum Smith  824 points

2nd: Strathbogie B – Grant Taylor, Vicky Proctor & Annabel Rodwell         820 points

3rd: Equal Turriff A – Stuart Sleigh, Archie Knox & Fraser Chapman         812 points

3rd: Equal Strathbogie C – Kirsty Simmons, Kathryn Kellas & Helen Cowie 812 points

Senior Individual:

1st: Jo Bruce (Vale of Alford) 239 points

2nd: Daniel Skinner (Garioch) 291 ponints

3rd: Rachael Reid (Mid Deeside) 289 points

Junior Individual:

1st: Katie Meston (Mid Deeside) 293 points

2nd: Jennifer Davidson (Strichen) 239 points

3rd: Emma Smith, Netherton (Vale of Alford) 291 points

Open Individual:

1st Rhona Earnshaw 288 points

2nd Claire Anderson 280 points

3rd Paul Duguid 271 points

Guess the Weight: Grant Smith of Strichen who was the closest to the weight of the 4 shetland ponies totalling 996kg

Full Results:

Senior Teams  

Junior Teams

Junior & Senior Individuals