Fine tuning the skills young farmers recognise in themselves!

Fine tuning the skills young farmers recognise in themselves!

SAYFC’s “Planning for your Future” workshops, specifically written for Scottish young farmers kicked off in 2020 with Heather Wildman of ‘Saviour Associates’. The workshops which were supported by the Princes Countryside Fund encouraged members to set personal goals and look at how they could make the first steps to reaching these goals.   Although plans for the sessions had to be altered to allow them to be virtual, those who attended were still able to share the challenges, hopes and ideas with their peers.

Feedback from the delegates including the following comments,

  • “No matter what our background, it gave lots of opportunity for discussion and allowed us to think about what we can do to build on our futures and make the most of things while we can”
  • “The session was motivating and inspiring and made you ask questions about your situation that you never stop and think about in day to day life.”
  • “I liked that there were tangible outcomes from the session. It wasn’t just a case of listening, you had to get involved and think and actually leave the session with your goals and timelines. Great way to do it as unless you write them down there and then, you would just repeatedly put it off.”
  • “I couldn’t recommend this more and my only regret is I wish I had done it sooner”
  • “Having difficult conversations with the family afterwards since it was very thought provoking but it gave me confidence to do so.

Feedback received will be used to develop further opportunities for SAYFC members in 2021 and beyond.

Thirty-five SAYFC members took part in the workshops including a session dedicated to the newest Young Farmers Club, Shetland YFC.

Even during a pandemic, members are certainly ‘Young Farmers in Action’!