Fraser Graham- Rural Ambassador

Fraser Graham- Rural Ambassador

Continuing our run through of our Five Star Awards Winners we come to our “Rural Ambassador” Award, presented by Quality Meat Scotland. This award recognises someone who promotes rural life – this can be YF related or simply someone doing a good job at promoting rural life whether at events, via social media or elsewhere. And our winner this year fit’s this description to a tee.

Fraser Graham of Crossroads Young Farmers Clubs

Despite being a relatively late bloomer in Young Farmers Fraser has become a tremendous asset and ambassador of his club and currently fills the role of Vice Chairman. An arable farmer- Fraser helps others in the rural community wherever he can, being on various local show committees as well as being a keen and active member of the NFU. He is also on the RHET Ayrshire and Arran committee, regularly volunteering at RHET events and educating the children of Ayrshire as to where their food comes from.

Within Young Farmers, Fraser is currently the Ayrshire Agri and Rural Affairs rep, regularly encouraging members to attend events organised by the committee and keeping his district up to date with any developments. Alongside this he is a very active member, placing second in this year’s West Region Mr & Miss Competition and representing Team Scotland at the Inaugural Five Nations Conference. Fraser has been complimented on his encouragement of younger members in his club and is currently on a recruitment drive to persuade young members to participate in the Ayrshire Rally Calf competition before going on as chair next year.

“Not only does he promote our young farmers club, but he also goes above and beyond, promoting the industry as a whole whether through his work with Rhet or the NFU.” Scott Anderson (Crossroads Club Chair)

“He’s a young man who understands that our industry and especially its next generation need representation at all levels. I have no doubt that in the future he will go onto do much more with NFU Scotland once his Young Farmers career is over.” John Kerr (Regional Chair for NFU Ayrshire)