‘Legs Eleven, in Lockdown’ – Jimbob’s National Bingo Night

‘Legs Eleven, in Lockdown’ – Jimbob’s National Bingo Night

Often fancied socialising with Jim Smith? Join SAYFC for some fun-filled Bingo with Jim Smith. Giggle with us for an hour, in our nation-wide YF escapism evening!

View OUR FACEBOOK‘s  live Facebook feed, 7.30pm on Tuesday 31st March and join hundreds of #YFinAction in some Tuesday evening ‘end of March’ madness!

All you will need:

  • A copy of your mobile phone number
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper

(1)    Your number is generated using your UK mobile number.
(2)    To generate your unique numbers, exclude the first ‘0’ from your telephone number.
(3)    Group the remaining 10 numbers into 5 x 2 digit numbers e.g. 78 – 32 – 82 – 06 – 13
(4)    Write your numbers down on some paper and then mark them off as they are called.
(5)    Got a 00 or a number over 90? Don’t worry, we’ve adapted our machine to go all the way from 0 to 99
(6)    Got a duplicate number? Increase the duplicate number by 1 e.g. 06 – 06 becomes 06 – 07

If all of your numbers are called, text BINGO & YOUR NAME & LOCATION to 07760401855

For any queries on the evening, please contact jenny@sayfc.org