Kicking off training – Are Ewe Ok?

Are Ewe Ok

Kicking off training – Are Ewe Ok?


Over 50 members through Scotland tuned into three short workshops, bringing together members to discuss the various types of mental health illnesses and the affecting aspects of each.

Support is required during quarantine, not solely for the youth of the industry – but their families, friends, colleagues and farming/crofting neighbours too!Β  In order to help spot the signs and symptoms, Lynda O’ Malley of LOM Training discussed the very pressing topic of mental health awareness.

Lynda said off the sessions:

“The last of three online mental health awareness workshops for the SAYFC was delivered this morning and I have to say, it is an honour to be involved with this fantastic group of young people so willing to give up their time to help build communities where mental wellness is actively encouraged, especially when so many people are struggling at the moment. Thank you for choosing LOM Training to be part of this.”

Lynda is a fully accredited NHS trainer of the ‘Scottish Mental Health First Aid’Β  training course, which SAYFC is now offering to all SAYFC members in conjunction with the Willie Davidson 75th Anniversary Fund.