A Latte to talk about from Emma

A Latte to talk about from Emma


This year’s National Photography Competition Supported by ABP Food Group was a great success with members showcasing their creativity as well as their skills of composition and shot choice.

Senior 1st Place- Emma Nicol (Beith)

Judge and professional Photographer Paul Watt was impressed at the diversity in the entries and how each member had taken their own unique approach to this years theme of ‘Milk’. And on this line it was a photograph from Beith member Emma Nicol that caught his eye and stood out amongst the rest. Her professional style framing of a latte mug captured the theme well whilst setting it apart from the competition.

In his critique he wrote: “Stand out image in a category of fantastic images. Well crafted and thought out, good composition, warm inviting colours, good use of props, a clever picture.”

Emma Nicol (Beith)

“I was over the moon to win the competition. Since I never had access to a dairy farm I had to think of another idea. So I thought latte art could be a creative approach, however, it did take many tries until I was happy enough with the cow illustration.”

Biggar’s Abbie Baillie came in second with her overhead shot of a group of calves at feeding time.

Senior 2nd Place- Abbie Baillie (Biggar)

Judges Comments

“Kept coming back and looking at this image, love the originality of this picture, the angle and composition and again shows the nurturing, caring side of farming.”

Senior 3rd Place- Jill Strang (East Kilbride)

In third place in the senior section it was Jill Strang from East Kilbride with a serene image of cows in the yard on one of Scotland’s rare sunny days.

Judges Comments

“I can feel the sunshine on my back and the smell of the cows, another picture that illustrates why farmers should be proud of their industry and the hard work they put in”


Junior Section

In the Junior Section, it was two brothers from Stranraer & Rhins who impressed with their collection of images of dairy farming life. In first place was Archie McKie with an image of young beasts out on pasture at sunset.

Junior 1st Place- Archie McKie (Stranraer & Rhins)

Judges Comments:

“Lovely image at dawn or sunset, warm glow with dairy cows in a natural lush environment. Really stands out with warm colours and a great advert for all that’s good about the dairy industry.”

Archie’s brother Logan took second place with his photograph of a dairy class lining up for judging at an agricultural show.

Junior 2nd Place- Logan McKie (Stranraer & Rhins)

Judges Comments:

“Interesting image showing the care and attention that farmers take over the livestock, nice well balanced composition with the competitors lined up at a stock show”

Finally in third place it was Archie McKie once more with a close up of a cow sticking its tongue out at the camera.

Judges Comments:

Quirky fun image with lots of personality, brings a smile to the face, super image!


Well done to all our competitors for embracing this year’s theme and submitting such a fantastic array of images. We would like to thank our judge Paul for taking the time to pick out his favourites and to give each of our winners such lovely feedback. And we’d like to thank ABP for supporting the competition and helping us to encourage our members’ creativity and photographic talents.