New Members Spotlight! Finlay Smail, Lower Nithsdale YFC

New Members Spotlight! Finlay Smail, Lower Nithsdale YFC

1 – what is your story away from YF (employment and other hobbies)?

Hi, I’m Finlay Smail. I’m 17 years old and have been a member of Lower Nithsdale Young Farmers since April 2022. I work as an Apprentice Agricultural Engineer for Gordons in Dumfries after studying Agricultural Engineering at SRUC Barony for a year after leaving school. My main hobby outwith young farmers is helping out with the family HGV business.


2 – why did you join?

I joined young farmers after going to watch their concert at the start of 2022 and then attending the annual dinner dance that year. This is where I realised some of the amazing opportunities young farmers offers.


3 – what have you got out of YF?

I have gained so many different things through young farmers, the most notable being the amount of new people I have met all over the country and further afield. Alongside a range of new skills with cattle, sports, public speaking and a whole lot more. Not to forget the confidence young farmers has helped me build.


4 – what do you want to get out of YF in the future?

In the future I’m looking forward to continuing to take part in the countless events offered at all four YF levels. And can’t wait to get stuck into my committee roll of Concert convenor for our club this coming year. I’m also looking forward to seeing what international travel opportunities are coming up. And hopefully get along to more events in other districts.


5 – what’s your favourite random fact?

Studies have showed that one horse can produce up to 24 horsepower.