New Members Spotlight! Lyndsey Dunnet, Halkirk YFC

New Members Spotlight! Lyndsey Dunnet, Halkirk YFC

What is your story away from YF?

I am a first year electrical engineer apprentice at NRS Dounreay. I also play for the Caithness Krakens which is the woman’s ruby team. We have had a very successful season, recently winning the Women’s National Plate at Murrayfield.
Why did you join?

I joined young farmers as I had seen a lot of my mates having a good time and listening to them talk about the different opportunities available made me want to join. I am really glad that I did.
What have you got out of YF?
I have become a lot more confident since joining Young Farmers, with competitions such as speechmaking really helping. I have also enjoyed meeting lots of new people from other clubs across the country.What do you want to get out of YF in the future?

I want to maximise my time in Young Farmers by making the most of all the opportunities available. There is so much on offer, I want to help grow my clubs membership by getting more people involved as it such a good organisation to be a part of.
Favourite random fact?

My favourite random fact would be that Dunnet Head is the most northerly point on the mainland and not John O’ Groats which people think.