Recruiting – New Trustee

Recruiting – New Trustee

SAYFC is currently seeking to recruit an experienced and dynamic individual to join its Board of Trustees for a two year term of office (a further term of two years is available thereafter).

This is an independent Board of Trustee position, and the individual should not currently be affiliated to a YF Club.    No previous experience of SAYFC or affiliated Clubs is required but in interest in rural communities would be beneficial.

Those expressing an interest in these posts will need personal authority, integrity and the ability to provide sound objective advice. They should be well organised and have knowledge/experience that will contribute to steering the strategic direction of this organisation working across Scotland as well as the ability to champion, influence and support the organisation as it develops a new strategy. The roles therefore require confident decision makers with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

As a charitable organisation the Board of Trustees and its members hold the legal duties and responsibilities for the organisation’s activities and its reputation. Members of the Board have the ultimate responsibility for the organisation, its reputation, and its finances. The Board holds legal responsibility to safeguard and protect the organisation.

The key legal responsibilities of the managing trustees of SAYFC are listed below.

Members of the Board must:

  1. Advance the purposes and charitable objectives of SAYFC.
  2. Be responsible for the proper and legal administration of SAYFC
  3. Accept ultimate responsibility for everything that SAYFC does.
  4. Act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to SAYFC.
  5. Safeguard and protect the assets of SAYFC.
  6. Always act in the best interests of SAYFC.
  7. Have a duty to act collectively.
  8. Avoid conflict between their personal interests and those of SAYFC.

Contact for more details before Fri 01 April 2022