SAYFC Shares Results of their ‘Shaping Scottish Agriculture’ Survey

SAYFC Shares Results of their ‘Shaping Scottish Agriculture’ Survey

Recently SAYFC’s Agri & Rural Affairs Committee conducted a members survey on ‘Shaping Scottish Agriculture’ to capture the views of young people living in rural Scotland and those involved in the agricultural industry.  The survey covered six key areas listed below:

  • Attracting talent to agriculture
  • Access to land
  • Agricultural support
  • Supply chain
  • Connectivity
  • Concerns for the future

Catherine Sloan, Agri & Rural Affairs Chairman (2020/21) commented ‘Scottish agriculture is currently at a crossroads as a new era of policy making begins following the UK’s departure from the EU.  As Scotland’s young farmers face the changes brought about by Brexit and the ever increasing economic, social and political demands on our industry along with the ongoing challenges in relation to new entrants and young people gaining a foothold in farming, we need to ensure that their views are heard.

It is important for the next Scottish Parliament and the next Scottish Government to ensure that the voice of the next generation is not only heard but also listened to.  It is only in doing so that we will empower young people in Scottish agriculture and unlock the talent required to drive the industry forward and ensure its viability for years to come.

In this report we set out the findings of our survey and look forward to building on this work to effect positive change for Scottish agriculture’

Using these results the committee will produce a further report outlining their key priorities for discussion with the next Scottish Government to ensure that SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs continues to have a voice for young farmers involved in Scottish Agriculture.

The full report can be viewed HERE