Westies Giving Christmas Joy

Westies Giving Christmas Joy

Members in the West have been taken over by the spirit of Christmas giving by participating in the “Westies Giving Christmas Joy” Shoebox Appeal in collaboration with “Cash For Kid’s Mission Christmas“. Together they were able to collect 270 shoeboxes for disadvantaged children on Christmas Day. An amazing effort and fantastic achievement from all involved!

“Young Farmers prides itself on the active involvement clubs have with their local communities.  All clubs across the Region get involved in a range of community, environmental and fundraising projects, with hundreds of members volunteering their time, energy and skills to help others.
It gives clubs the opportunity to achieve a goal that requires teamwork, organisation & dedication to make their cause a success. The end goal is that successful projects strengthen Young Farmers links within their local communities and in turn it promotes a positive image of the organisation as a whole.

Gayle Allan- West Chair

Therefore, this year I created the aim of ‘Westies giving Christmas joy’. Setting each of the 4 districts in the west a community action challenge of creating 50 shoebox gifts to donate this Christmas.

Christmas is a time of excitement, joy and hope but for many it is a tough season for numerous reasons.
For some the festive season means added pressure, especially when it comes to financial strain. Many family’s across the country find themselves struggling to make ends meet and because of this gifts are seen as a Luxury that many simply can’t afford. As a result, many children go without on Christmas Day.

I wanted to make a difference this year and provide children with a special gift to open on Christmas morning. The challenge was set to each district and we would be

working In collaboration with ‘Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas Appeal’ where our boxes would eventually be donated to.

I can’t believe the up take we’ve had from clubs and members. The aim was for 200 boxes across the west and that target was well and truly smashed with an amazing 270 boxes donated in total!

I’m truly thankful to each club & member
who has made a difference in a persons life by creating a box and providing a helping hand to those who find themselves less fortunate this year. After all, unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated act of human Change.

These boxes will certainly make a child happy this Christmas morning and cash for kids couldn’t believe the sheer number of boxes we had made as well as the attention to detail placed on each and every one. Now someone can wake up on Christmas morning to a gift when they would otherwise have went without.

A point that I’m taking away for this experience is that no one has ever become poor by giving and I am exceptionally proud of all my west members for the time, effort and commitment they have showed while taking part in this challenge. Thank you for supporting my aim this year.”

-Gayle Allan (West Chair)