#AyeBuyLocal – don’t ye know!?

#AyeBuyLocal – don’t ye know!?

Not only does our ‘SAYFC Connect’ allow for club profiles, event calendar and job vacancies to be viewed by anyone – the ‘business builder’ platform now enables small businesses to showcase their products this winter!

With SAYFC Connect being accessible on desktop or via the downloadable Android or Apple mobile app, the business directory will be simple to view!

There is now more than ever, especially in rural areas, a shift away from high street spending. Our useful marketplace for adverts and discounts to our members, it is hoped, will be very popular with our members wisely spending this winter – in support of fellow members and past members who run their own small business.

The new push also sees a “#AyeBuyLocal” hashtag being used across the young farmers network to launch the support of local, but also further afield sources of gifts and purchases. We hope that club members across Scotland and past members will use the directory to not only highlight to themselves those based locally but also other young farmer followers with businesses in other parts of the country to them.

With the heightened indent to spend local, this is a very exciting time in bridging the communication between our members [and non-members] to those producing crafts, arts, foods and beverages this winter who may have been massively affected by COVID-19 and who’re relying on a successful sale rate towards the end of the year!

It’s a vital time to increase engagement for ‘real life retail’ and by planning to highlight products from members and past members, across November and December [via SAYFC social media], we not only showcase just how positive our industry remains during the pandemic … but also promote the best creativity, craftsmanship and small-business passion within young farmers too!

External organisations are able to utilise our ‘SAYFC Connect‘ to promote jobs vacancies, external webinars or virtual events – and to recruit volunteers!

Linsey Campbell [West Renfrewshire YFC] who helps her parents produce handmade leather products – highlighted:

“The new business platform on sayfc connect brings an array of opportunities for all businesses. At these times we are all in need of support from those close to home and further afield and it is great to be involved in this with my family’s business ‘McRostie Scotland’.

Being a small, family run, rural business with a strong connection to the agricultural sector, we hope the directory willbring us closer to those in this community and allow us to reach further afield. We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our skills to those that might not have heard of us yet and maybe even be your answer to gifting this Christmas and on many occasions to come.

SAYFC is truly a unique organisation, in that it is run by members for members. The fact they’re offering this platform forfree really brings home this message. Not only that, it gives businesses an opportunity to promote themselves without the heightened costs that are often involved with getting your name seen and heard.

SAYFC Connect, lets me do exactly that CONNECT – with all those associated with the organisation, whether I have met them or not. I would always rather give my custom and support to local businesses or those within this community and  I hope this encourages others to do the same.

By doing this we are supporting each other and fuelling small businesses dreams and ambitions. External organisations are able to utilise ‘SAYFC Connect’ to promote jobs vacancies, external webinars or virtual events – and to recruit volunteers too!”

If you haven’t had a look yet, what are you waiting for? Create your profile and don’t delay on letting us know if you’re interested in helping clubs or districts in the future too with any expertise you have from your time in young farmers or beyond!