Bower YF Scoop Top Prize at Highland Rally 2023

Bower YF Scoop Top Prize at Highland Rally 2023

Bower YFC Crowned Highland Rally 2023 Winners

A great day was had by all for the 2023 Highland Rally on Saturday 27th May. Members enjoyed being together once again for a full day of rally fun! The event was hosted by RNI District and held at The Black Isle Show Ground, Muir of Ord by kind permission of The Black Isle Show Society with NFU Mutual joining the event as main sponsors once again.

The Hamilton Auction Mart Trophy is awarded annually to the overall top placed club at the Highland Rally, this years’ winners, were Bower YFC with 96 points, 2nd place was won by Forss YFC with 73 points and Third place went to Halkirk with 56 points.

The day started with an impressive array of baking, handicrafts and team entries in the industrial section.  Bower won the Nan Howie Silver Salver for most points in Baking with 84 points, second equal was Inver Ross YFC and Forss YF with 47 points.  The Press & Journal Rose Bowl for club with the most points, in the Industrial Section was also won by Bower YFC with 55 points, 2nd place was Halkirk YF with 44 points and 3rd was Inver Ross YFC with 41 points.

The Stockjudging took place in the morning with 161 members from each of the 6 competing clubs taking part. The first placed team, winning the Farming News Trophy was Bower A, John Forbes, Alistair Macarthy and Jak Murray with 874 points, in second place was Bower C, Abbie Gunn, Isla Mackay and Caitlin Coghill with 859 points and in third with 857 points Forss J, Robbie Levack, James Mackay and Rhianna Mackay. The best individual and winning the Day Challenge Cup was Bower member William Campbell, also top placed female with a score of 305, was Bower member Erin Hewitson, Tilly Munro, Inver Ross was 2nd placed female with 298 points and in third place was Lena Campbell, Forss with 266 points. In the junior section first went to Erin Hewitson Bower, second to Benjamin Rogers from Bower with 303 points and third to Tilly Munro, Inver Ross with 298 points.

The Practical competitions included; Digger Handling thanks to Scot Agri who kindly provided the digger and judge! Special mention to Michael Hunter of Nairn, who was the only member to complete the challenge with no faults! Setting up a sheep race, which proved a tricky and time consuming task, however the quickest time was achieved by Halkirk members, Lynn Ronaldson and Kris Sutherland with an impressive time of 6 minutes and 49 seconds. Fault finding, which was kindly supported by Netherton Tractors who provided the tractor and judge. Identification, which proved a real talking point with some of the items provided. The overall winners for the practical section was Halkirk YF with 40 points, in second place was Forss with 35 points and in 3rd place was Inver Ross with 33 points.

The sports took place in the afternoon, where members competed in boys 5-a-side football, girls 5-a-side football, tossing the sheaf and Tug of War. The overall winners for the sports section were Bower YFC with 33 points, 2nd place was Forss with 30 points and in 3rd was Inver Ross YFC with 14 points.

Rally Convenor Margi Campbell commented ‘It was so lovely to see so many attendees – about a third more than we hoped for – and it made for a really close and interesting day of competition. We were really thankful for a lovely day weather wise and grateful for the help of so many that make the day run smoothly. Congratulations to Bower on their overall Win.


For further information contact Fiona Swanson, 07 557 330 021


Results List

Industrial – Baking Section, Winner of Nan Howie Silver Salver
1st     Bower YFC
2nd EQ Forss Yf and Inver Ross

Industrial Overall most points – P & J Rosebowl
1st     Bower YFC
2nd    Halkirk YF
3rd     Inver Ross YFC

Stockjudging – Team
1st    Bower A – John Forbes, Alistair Macarthy, Jak Murray – 874 points
2nd   Bower C – Abbie Gunn, Isla Mackay, Caitlin Coghill – 859 points
3rd    Forss J – Robbie Levack, James Mackay, Rhianna Mackay – 857 points

Individual Stockjudging

1st     William Campbell Bower YFC
2nd     Murray Mackenzie Halkirk YF
3rd     Erin Hewitson Bower YFC

Junior Stockjudging

1st     Erin Hewitson Bower YFC
2nd     Benjamin Rodgers Bower YFC
3rd     Tilly Munro Inver Ross YFC

Female Stockjudging

1st     Erin Hewitson Bower YFC
2nd     Tilly Munro Inver Ross YFC
3rd     Lena Campbell Forss YFC

Practical Section
1st    Halkirk YF
2nd   Forss YFC
3rd    Inver Ross YFC

1st    Bower YFC
2nd   Forss YFC
3rd    Inver Ross YFC


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