Secretaries Weekend, A Great Success

Secretaries Weekend, A Great Success


Last weekend saw office bearers and staff gather for the first ever Secretaries Weekend Away, held at Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre in Blairgowrie. This weekend was developed to bring secretaries and assistants from across Scotland together to socialise, discuss issues and plan for the future.

The weekend consisted of a mixture of outdoor activities and development and strategy sessions. And whether they were firing a bow or making a point at a presentation, all those attending got stuck in and contributed to an enjoyable and impactful experience.

“The Secretary’s Weekend Away was a great opportunity to bring office bearers together from across Scotland with a good mix from each region. It was so interesting to hear from other office bearers about any challenges they have faced and sharing best practice that can be taken back to other clubs and districts. The benefits don’t finish with the weekend. It has provided members a support network that they can call on to bounce ideas off or ask advice. I would encourage all office bearers and members alike to grab these opportunities for personal development but also meet fellow young farmers from across Scotland.”

Annabel Brown

Development and Wellbeing Chairman

“As a Secretary I am making young farmer decisions every day and it was great to be able to share my ideas with other like-minded people from across Scotland! After discussing how we can make positive changes for our club, I look forward to implementing these within S&R, to help improve the way we run things now and in the future. I loved socialising with members from all over Scotland and I really look forward to catching up with everyone again at various West and National events over the next few months.”

Bronwyn McKie

Secretary, Stranraer and Rhins

“The secretaries weekend was a great idea to bring secretaries/office bearers from all over Scotland together, in order to share different ideas and to offer support and advice. As I was the only one there not in a Secretary/assistant Secretary position, I found it hugely beneficial listening to the ideas everyone had and how they implement different things within their club. I left the weekend full of inspiration for when I hopefully take on a Secretary role, as well as feeling extremely motivated to make my club the best it can be. I aim to prioritise our members, ensuring they are aware of the opportunities SAYFC hold and that they get everything they can out of their time with young farmers.”

Abby Forsyth,

PR Convenor, Stewartry YF

The success of this weekend should pave way for similar events in the future with this year’s weekend hopefully being the first of many.

‘Attendees Enjoying the Weekend