AGRI Affairs Summer Road Trip Day 4: Thomas Renwick Reports on a Day at The Royal Welsh Show

A Day at The Royal Welsh Show

AGRI Affairs Summer Road Trip Day 4: Thomas Renwick Reports on a Day at The Royal Welsh Show

The 2019 SAYFC Agri Affairs study tour took the form of a road-trip through the West of England and Wales. From handsfree farming to coffee milk, from performance recorded ewes to 2000 cows all seven of our visits fitted with the our theme “the road to success”

The following reports provide a brief summary of the interesting, inspiring and cutting edge businesses we were very grateful to have been allowed to visit.

We all woke up bright and early on Monday at the young person’s village. Some managing to get a hot shower before they turned cold! Tents were dissembled before boarding the shuttle bus to the Royal Welsh Show ground.

Firstly we headed to the Charolais stand for a fry up breakfast to set us up for the day while watching the cattle judging outside. From there we headed up around the cattle & sheep sheds, spotting few Scottish exhibitors along the way. Then along the way John Yeoman spotted us (sheep farmer we visited the previous day) & invited us into a dairy stand for free milkshakes. After that we headed through the food & craft halls trying out some Welsh produce along the way.

We then visited the Welsh Young Farmers stand, seeing what they’ve been up to throughout the year, there handicraft boards and spotted Michael Gove. On route to the machinery we then seen Prince Charles & Camilla (from behind the security) We saw a vast array of machinery from all the usual makes.

Next we headed back to the main ring where we briefly stopped to watch a horse class. From there we then found a nice quiet food and refreshment area with country music playing, where we spent the rest of our Monday afternoon relaxing in the heat. Overall it was a very enjoyable day with a great variety on show.

Thomas Renwick

The Royal Welsh Show